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Employee Engagement Support in Lancashire

Values Savvy

What is it? Access to products and services that help you to understand how your people tick, what they think of you and your management team and how you can create a culture which will have the best talent in your industry banging on the door to hand you their CV.

Why Use it? People leave businesses every day and the number one reason for this is bad management.  People want a manager and an organisation that matches their Values and this is two-way street.  Instead of second-guessing why people leave, having real data on why they leave and what you can then do about is powerful.  You can do this by measuring engagement through surveys held when people are still working for you and ensuring you capture exit data when they have left you.

What happens if you don’t use it?  Recruiting good people is tough, especially in todays' market.  Keeping them is tougher.  When you have spent time and money on finding the right candidate, inducting them and training them, it’s a considerable sum of money that’s walking out of your door when you lose staff that you don’t want to.   Instead of losing talent through a leaky bucket, we help you to identify how to increase your staff retention and attract better talent to your business.

Topics covered (not exhaustive):

  • Succession planning
  • Values development
  • Staff engagement surveys
  • Exit interviews
  • Reviewing or implementing recruitment, onboarding and induction processes
  • Management Information gathering
  • Psychometric profiling
  • Investors in People implementation support
Tracy Green
Tracey Murphy
Managing Director
01772 600228
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"To do HR well, you have to be up to speed with compliance and HR issues. It’s a minefield. I don’t have the time to get my head round it all. That’s where HR savvy comes in.  I am left feeling valued, assured and with less pressure."

Peter Sutton, Pure Audio Visual Ltd, Preston

"We have been working with Tracey since 2015. To sum it up, she’s dynamic, acts quickly and positively, she has the same ethos as me and understands our business. She is a great sounding board as a coach and she just gets it."

Richard Davies, Hattons Model Railways, Widnes

HR Savvy offered a superb professional service on a recent sensitive employee matter that we were unsure about.  They guided us very quickly providing us with all the necessary documentation we needed.  We would highly recommend and use their services again.

Paul Murphy, Divine Signs, Wrea Green

HR savvy are quick thinking, considered and strategic in their approach.  Advice is always 100% accurate. HR is such a potential minefield, but when managed by HR savvy, it becomes something which improves employee well-being, raising standards and business awareness.

Alistaire Jama, Kennedy Ross Consulting Limited

"We have found that using HR savvys' breatheHR software has been very beneficial in helping us to streamline our HR procedures. In particular everyone has found the holiday function a great improvement on our previous manual system"

Amelia Eagle, Workspace, Perth
01772 600228

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