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SME 1-5 Employees

If you are employing between 1 and 5 members of staff, then no doubt you've been on a journey to get to this point. Through pure grit & determination, years of experience & knowledge and constant learning you're now employing staff and you deserve a pat on the back for reaching this milestone.


HR Compliance

When it comes to employing staff, are you 100% confident that your business is protected, that your employees are safe and you have access to good quality compliance expertise?

At HR Savvy we are passionate about keeping businesses compliant and ensuring that the right protection is in place should something unexpected happen. You may already have the following already and we would be happy to review these for you to keep you on top of new legislation and requirements. If not, then get in touch for a chat and we can work with you to get your business fully compliant and minimise any potential risk:


HR Strategy

You know that HR is more than just Compliance and Employment Law. It's a growing need and you don't know where to focus next? You look at your business and wonder why you still struggle to take a step back with staff now in place to do the day-to-day activities that have seen you grow to this point. Do you find your time is heavily biased towards your business instead of your personal life?

Have you thought about developing a HR Strategy that is aligned with the goals of the business? You might already have some of this covered, but not seeing the results you want to see. Bringing in a fresh pair of eyes and specific experience will support you in achieving your goals quicker and easier than if you go it alone.

 We review your existing systems and processes and make recommendations across:

  • Performance Management
  • Staff Development
  • Communication and Engagement
  • Succession Planning
  • Attracting Top Talent


HR Resource  

You know that investing in culture makes good business sense and you’ve a good idea what values your business stands for. So how do the people-based systems and processes support this?

Do you have the right people in the right seats? Deep down you don’t believe you have the right in-house skill-set to make it happen quickly enough?

At HR Savvy, we provide on-site HR resource to support Managers to make great People decisions AND save you money on in-house HR expertise You might have in-house HR, but have identified a skills gap. We build a HR Operational Plan that supports the business strategy AND ensure it is executed so you can see see/feel/hear the results:

  • Implement and Embed HR Systems and Processes
  • Mentor Managers/HR Teams and Build Accountability
  • Deliver Expertise To Make The Systems And Processes Work In Practice, Evaluate & Refine
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