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Sickness absence

Understand your options for dealing with frequent or long term sickness absence; the rules about sick pay and how to prepare for a ill-health dismissal.


This could be a result of staff frequently having days off sick, or cases of long-term absence where someone is off sick for a much longer time.  

The discipline of consistently holding Return to Work Interviews following short-term sickness absence can help you deal with problematic absentees. 

Long-term sickness is a drain on your business and can set off a chain of events creating more problems, such as, how to cover a role during extended absence from work. 

Also, maintaining a reasonable level of contact with employees on long term sick can be a difficult balancing act.

After a long period of sickness absence you may find yourself contemplating a dismissal on the grounds of long-term ill-health which can easily lead to a claim for discrimination if you have not followed a robust capability dismissal procedure.  

To discourage habitual sickness absence, we recommend you include a comprehensive Absence Management Policy in your Staff Handbook.  This policy ensures that all employees are handled consistently and fairly and sets clear expectations on levels of attendance.


How HR savvy can help

From start to finish, we will guide you through the correct procedures to create the optimum outcome for your business. We deliver our advice in plain English, so you feel more in control of the process.

When we are involved from the outset, we will help you build the strongest case possible, by making sure your sickness absence documentation is flawless.

We will deliver on-site HR support at formal meetings and advise you of your best options in more complex cases.  

We will treat your case specifically on its own merits, taking into account your particular business environment and your desired results.  You will feel confident that we are on your side ensuring you make optimal decisions every step of the way.


For more information on how to engage our services, view the Pay As You Go and Annual Support Packages pages.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q. What can I do about frequent sickness absence?
A. Be consistent. Follow these steps: 1)      Make sure reporting Absence rules are in place (eg. staff must telephone their boss by 8am) 2)      Record sickness absence ...
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Q. Why must I obtain medical evidence before I dismiss someone for long term ill-health?
A. In this case, the risk of discrimination claim is high. Failure to obtain proper medical evidence puts your business at risk. Without medical advice you are acting without the fu...
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Q. What are the rules for sick pay?
A. Every employer has a legal duty to pay Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) in accordance with the rules set by the Government. Employees must follow correct reporting procedures and provide ...
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