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Poor performers

Procedures for managing staff performance, capability issues and how to identify if you have a silent underperformer.


They tend to be consistently missing targets or other goals and this can have a significant impact upon the whole team.

You must tackle poor performers as early as possible.

Failure to do this will de-motivate the rest of your team and undermine your role as a leader.  Failing to deal with poor performers also sends out a message that you are not managing standards effectively.

You may be accidentally setting the benchmark for what other staff can get away with.

So what should you do?

Gather the facts that will help you to have an informal discussion with your employee.  In that discussion you can raise your concerns and offer any necessary support for getting them back on track.

If poor performance issues are in the early stages, then the informal route is best.

If poor performance has been a concern for some time you are best heading down the formal route. 

Poor performance is hurting your business and doing nothing is no longer an option.


How HR savvy can help

From start to finish, we will guide you through the correct procedures to create the optimum outcome for your business. We deliver our advice in plain English, so you feel more in control of the process.

When we are involved from the outset, we will help you build the strongest case possible, by making sure your poor performance documentation is flawless.

We will deliver on-site HR support at formal meetings and advise you of your best options in more complex cases.  

We will treat your case specifically on its own merits, taking into account your particular business environment and your desired results.  You will feel confident that we are on your side ensuring you make optimal decisions every step of the way.


For more information on how to engage our services, view the Pay As You Go and Annual Support Packages pages.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q. How do I deal with poor performance?
A. First, admit that it exists and commit to taking positive action.  You may wish to read our article on the Silent Underperformer. The key steps to managing poor performance are:...
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Q. What steps should I follow to dismiss/sack someone for poor performance?
A. A dismissal for poor performance generally follows the “3-strikes” rule. Your employee will have had a first written warning and a final written warning and you are now consid...
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Q. What if poor performance clashes with poor conduct?
A. Poor performance and poor conduct often collide. An example of this is where an employee is constantly late for work and at the same time they are not meeting their productivity t...
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