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HR administration

Understand how to create employee files, deal with references, maternity leave and staff holiday requests.


Often, the basics in HR appear heavily administrative and can overwhelm a business if left unaddressed.

Handling the basics means creating and managing solid, individual employment records, consistently.

To do this properly you need a HR system, whether that is a system on paper, on electronic documents or a purpose built HR software solution.

Handling the basics includes creating that staff file before they even start working for you.

A good staff file will contain:

  • application forms
  • references
  • the Offer of Employment letter
  • the Contract of Employment,
  • signed Policies and Handbook
  • personal details
  • emergency contacts
  • bank details
  • plus other useful information, all of which must be kept securely

then as your employee stays with you will need to create documentation so that you can:

  • keep on top of holidays
  • maintain sickness records
  • monitor performance
  • document changes in pay and changes in jobs
  • manage maternity and paternity leave 
  • keep disciplinary records
  • and so on.

It is no surprise that businesses get overwhelmed by record keeping.


How HR savvy can help

We have a solution.  It is called breatheHR.  

breatheHR makes all of the above record keeping simple and stores it in one place.

If you don't have the internal resources to input or maintain your staff records on the system, we offer HR Administration services to take care of this for you.  

Whichever HR system you choose to implement, we can manage the whole process for you, right from the set-up to the monthly maintenance, for a fixed, affordable monthly fee.

The breatheHR software is your gateway to a completely outsourced HR administration team, and for a much smaller investment than employing an in-house team.

For more details, visit the HR Software page. 


For more information on how to engage our Services, view the Pay As You Go and Annual Support Packages pages.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q. What records should be kept in a staff file?
A. The Data Protection Act 1998 states that  all paper records containing personal information need to kept in a secure place.  You can improve on this with an online HR system to ...
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Q. How are holidays calculated for part-time staff?
A. This is dependent on how you have formulated your Contract of Employment, and how your business deals with bank holidays.  There is a useful holiday calculator tool on the Govern...
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Q. Do I have to give a reference to an ex-employee?
A. You have no legal duty to provide a reference.  We recommend references are based on factual information only.  If you want to give a character reference, you can do so as a pe...
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"We have found that using HR savvys' breatheHR software has been very beneficial in helping us to streamline our HR procedures. In particular everyone has found the holiday function a great improvement on our previous manual system"

Amelia Eagle, Workspace, Perth
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