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Employment contracts

Understand why a contract of employment and a staff handbook is important for your business.


Why?  They set out the terms of how you will manage your relationship as employer and employee. 

The contract is sometimes referred to as a Written Statement of Employment Particulars.  

It does not have to be a paper document for it to take effect, clearly it is far more helpful that it is on paper to avoid any misunderstandings as memories fade.

The key terms of the contract do not all have to be in one document either, again, it is far more efficient and simple if they are.

The contract sets out the explicit terms of your agreement with your employee.

Explicit terms covers things like:

  • Commencement Date
  • Pay
  • Number of Holidays
  • Notice period

The contract sets out anything that is over and above the employees statutory minimum entitlements to things like sick pay and holiday entitlements.

Employment law is always developing so we recommend conducting an annual review of your contracts.

We also recommend having a staff handbook in addition to the contract.

The Handbook contains all your policies and what we like to call “how we do things around here”.

It sets out how staff should go about requesting a holiday or what time you expect them to phone in sick by.

They are not mandatory.

Handbooks are another method of clearly setting out the expectations of how you want staff to behave and managing your relationship throughout their employment.  The benefit being the rules in the Handbook are more flexible for you to amend as your business changes.


How HR savvy can help

We will deliver as a Fixed Price Project, your new contract and handbook documentation.  We design and create the correct documentation you need, subject to your office culture, your working environment and your industry. 

If you are changing your terms and conditions of employment, we will deliver on-site HR support at formal meetings and advise you of your best options in more complex cases.  

We will treat your case specifically on its own merits, taking into account your particular business environment and your desired results.  You will feel confident that we are on your side ensuring you make optimal decisions every step of the way.


For prices and Summary Terms and Conditions, please find below our downloadable Factsheet on Projects.

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Projects Factsheet 2017

Projects Factsheet 2017

Prices and Summary Terms and Conditions for Projects


Frequently asked Questions

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A. Yes - refer to Contracts - What should it contain?
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