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Bullying and harassment

Know what to do when there is a complaint of bullying, harassment or discrimination and how to avoid a constructive dismissal claim.


In these cases, the risk of a claim for something called constructive dismissal is very high.  

Constructive Dismissal is when an employee feels they have no choice other than to resign because of unfair treatment at work.

We want you to be aware of how bad behaviour amongst your staff can lead to claims of workplace bullying and harassment.

There is one golden rule to consider:

It is not the intention of the behaviour that is important - what matters is how that behaviour is received and perceived.

As people, we all have different boundaries as to what we think is appropriate at work. This is what makes workplace banter a ticking time bomb.

If a bullying, harassment or victimisation case results in disciplinary action against the perpetrator, your risk has just doubled.


How HR savvy can help

From start to finish, we will guide you through the correct procedures to create the optimum outcome for your business. We deliver our advice in plain English, so you feel more in control of the process.

When we are involved from the outset, we will help you build the strongest case possible, by making sure your grievance or disciplinary documentation is flawless.

We will deliver on-site HR support at grievance or disciplinary meetings and advise you of your best options in more complex cases.  

We will treat your case specifically on its own merits, taking into account your particular business environment and your desired results.  You will feel confident that we are on your side ensuring you make optimal decisions every step of the way.


For more information on how to engage our Services, view the Pay As You Go and Annual Support Packages pages.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q. What should I do if inappropriate behaviour is getting out of hand?
A. Take action and quick. We understand that “banter” exists and is more prolific in some types of business than others.  When “banter” crosses the line into offensive, int...
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Q. What is the difference between harassment, victimisation and bullying?
A. Harassment and Victimisation both have a legal definition and complaints of this nature can be brought as a claim in an Employment Tribunal without any minimum length of service be...
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Q. What should I do when an employee claims they are being discriminated against?
A. Potentially this is a Harassment issue.   If your business has a separate policy for handling Harassment follow this.    Otherwise, follow your normal grievance procedure. Y...
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