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Line Manager Training in Lancashire

Savvy Managers

What is it? Access our Line Manager Academy with offsite development days, 30 day mentoring packages and personal development plans to upskill new line managers to be able to confidently deal with the most common people management scenarios.  

Why Use it? By undertaking a programme of training and coaching with HR Savvy, new line managers will be able to confidently and dynamically handle people management situations that can easily throw a new line manager off course and expose their organisation to higher risks of litigation. 

The programme will cover the basics of Employment Law that every line manager needs to know; why the ACAS Code of Practice matters, the basics of handling conduct, performance, sickness absence; how to recruit without falling foul of the Equality Act.  

Then we take things up a level and look at how to communicate, understand and motivate your people to deliver consistently stronger levels of performance; how to handle sensitive conversations and know when to ask for professional help.  When your managers can confidently do this, you can step back and have the time to focus on the strategic part of growing your business.

Further programmes for the more experienced manager take a more in-depth look at how to manage performance  and complex areas of employee conflict. 

What happens if you don’t use it?  Business owners tell us that having strong line managers is their biggest challenge.  Often, people are promoted into the role of a line manager for the very first time in their careers, and without training and coaching, they can not only become less motivated, they can really disengage your people which can be disastrous and it will affect your productivity and your profits.

Topics covered (not exhaustive):

  • Recruiting legally
  • Offers of Employment
  • Managing sickness absence
  • Managing performance
  • Managing conduct
  • Managing employment grievances
  • Managing working conditions, working hours, remote and home workers
  • Managing workers protected by the Equality Act 2010
  • Managing leavers
  • Understanding personality types and how communication & motivation techniques differ accordingly
  • Developing your management style in line with the culture of your business
Tracy Green
Tracey Murphy
Managing Director
01772 600228
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View the complete Academy framework

Savvy Managers Academy

Savvy Managers Academy

View our complete Academy framework by downloading this document


HR Savvy offered a superb professional service on a recent sensitive employee matter that we were unsure about.  They guided us very quickly providing us with all the necessary documentation we needed.  We would highly recommend and use their services again.

Paul Murphy, Divine Signs, Wrea Green

"To do HR well, you have to be up to speed with compliance and HR issues. It’s a minefield. I don’t have the time to get my head round it all. That’s where HR savvy comes in.  I am left feeling valued, assured and with less pressure."

Peter Sutton, Pure Audio Visual Ltd, Preston

"We have been working with Tracey since 2015. To sum it up, she’s dynamic, acts quickly and positively, she has the same ethos as me and understands our business. She is a great sounding board as a coach and she just gets it."

Richard Davies, Hattons Model Railways, Widnes
01772 600228

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