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Strategic HR Consultancy in Lancashire

Savvy Leaders

What is it? Strategic HR consultancy to the Board, Directors or Trustees of an organisation covering all aspects of how the HR strategy supports overall business growth. 

Why Use it? Many SME’s do not have the need or budget for an in-house HR Director, however, they do need the input and expertise on a part-time basis.  You might be considering a new appointment at a senior and critical level of the business and you might not feel confident that going down the typical recruitment agency route is going to get you the right results.  You may want expertise on how to approach succession planning in the business, addressing future talent risks in key roles.  You may know that you need a robust strategic business plan, you don’t know where to start and are looking for external expertise to facilitate this.  You may feel that your management meetings are not productive and want advice on how to run these differently to increase accountability across your management team.

What happens if you don’t use it?  There is every chance that you, the business owner, is spending too much of your time either on the tools or buried in IT, Finance or HR aspects of running the business.  This activity does not grow your business.  By implementing accountability for the operations and the support elements of the business, the business owner now has the time to focus on the future, the strategy and growth.  Without this, the chances your business is leaving you overworked and unfulfilled is high.

Topics covered (not exhaustive):

  • Executive level recruitment
  • Designing organisation structures
  • Building accountability
  • Succession and talent planning
  • Growth operating systems
  • Senior coaching
Tracy Green
Tracey Murphy
Managing Director
01772 600228
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"As someone who uses your services with an important client I know you are exceptional - professional, wise, caring and delightful to work are someone who makes a difference to the lives of individuals and organisations"

Lou Booth, Elementas, Preston

"We would not hesitate to recommend them, for a very small investment, you will be guaranteed a high return on your most valuable asset."

Alicia Whiley, Havwoods Accessories, Preston

"I wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone going through a restructure as it's all too easy to unwittingly trip yourself up, upsetting the staff and creating a legal headache for yourself. A very worthwhile investment."

Nick Thompson, Blundells Hardware, Longton

"To do HR well, you have to be up to speed with compliance and HR issues. It’s a minefield. I don’t have the time to get my head round it all. That’s where HR savvy comes in.  I am left feeling valued, assured and with less pressure."

Peter Sutton, Pure Audio Visual Ltd, Preston
01772 600228

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