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Q. What should I do if my Company receives an ET1?


An ET1 is a notification from the Employment Tribunal Office that a claim has been lodged against your Company.  

Before this arrives, you should have received correspondence from ACAS about the Early Conciliation process where you are given the opportunity to reach an agreement on how to settle the claim to prevent it proceeding to the Tribunal.  

Receiving an ET1 should not therefore come as a complete surprise.  You need to act quickly when it arrives.  

There is a strict 28 day time limit to submit your responses and you will be submitting them using an ET3 form.  

If you have not already done so, you need to decide quickly if you will be instructing a third party to deal with the matter, or if you intend to deal with it yourself.  

The opportunity to settle a claim is available all the way through the process and before the judges decision is made.

Whilst we do not offer Tribunal representation services, we can help you through the process or put you in touch with some of the UK's best employment lawyers to defend your case.

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