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Q. Do I need a solicitor to put a Settlement Agreement in place?

A. The Settlement Agreement is only legally binding once it has been signed by three parties. Those parties are:- You, the employer Your departing employee, and A solicitor repr...

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Q. What should I do if my Company receives an ET1?

A. An ET1 is a notification from the Employment Tribunal Office that a claim has been lodged against your Company.   Before this arrives, you should have received correspondence fro...

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Q. Do staff need minimum service to claim discrimination in a tribunal?

A. No, none whatsoever.  They can even bring a claim before they start working for you.

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Q. What can I do if I think there is a constructive dismissal claim looming?

A. Constructive Dismissal is where an employee is forced to leave their job because of the conduct of their employer. The employee has likely made a serious complaint and disagree wi...

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Q. When is a Settlement Agreement worth considering?

A.  Settlement Agreements can be useful in many scenarios.   The common ones are: When relationships have broken down There is an existing dispute that you are struggling to r...

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