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Managing performance

Q. What risks do I need to consider when dismissing for poor capability?

A. A dismissal for poor performance generally follows the 3-strikes rule. The employee will have had a first written warning and a final written warning and you are now considering a...

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Q. What if performance issues get worse?

A. If the performance issues are getting worse with an employee, follow the next step in your Capability or Disciplinary procedure. This makes sure that you are maintaining consisten...

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Q. What if poor performance clashes with poor conduct?

A. Poor performance and poor conduct often collide. An example of this is where an employee is constantly late for work and at the same time they are not meeting their productivity t...

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Q. How do I deal with poor performance?

A. First, admit that it exists and commit to taking positive action.  You may wish to read our article on the Silent Underperformer. The key steps to managing poor performance are:...

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