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Q. What to do if redundancies are likely?


To answer this question, we will assume that you have worked through your options, you have worked through the financials and you are now ready to go public with your proposals for change.

Step 1

Plan your communications process.

Work back from where you need to be in the timescale and assess how achievable your plan is. This depends on the extent of the proposed changes and the numbers of staff potentially affected.

The bigger the change, the longer the lead time you need.

Step 2

Commence consultation.

Consultation has to run individually and possibly collectively if you:

  • Recognise unions or workplace reps.
  • You are making changes that may negatively affect more than 20 staff.

Step 3

Conclude your consultation process and deal with any formal meetings.

Step 4

Issue the decisions in writing and start putting the amended proposals into action.

Step 5

Deal with any appeals against the decisions.

Putting your final proposals into action is the process of transferring responsibilities, agreeing handover and communicating to your staff what the future looks like.   

Communicating to your staff is an overlooked yet important aspect of managing change well.

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Managing Director
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