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Managing change

Q. Can I make someone who is off sick or on maternity leave redundant?

A. It is possible. You will need to proceed with the utmost care to ensure you do not find yourself defending a discrimination claim. We recommend that you seek professionalism guid...

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Q. What is a redundancy going to cost me?

A. Providing your Contracts of Employment do not allow for any enhanced redundancy pay, then you are dealing with statutory redundancy pay.  Statutory compensation is due when an em...

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Q. When can I advertise new roles during a restructure?

A. You can advertise as soon as you issue the communication to your staff on the proposed changes. You might be advertising new roles that those being placed at risk of redundancy ma...

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Q. What are the risks I need to consider when restructuring?

A. Restructuring your business possesses risks that vary with its’ size, scope and complexity. The main risks are doing things that could result in unfair dismissal claims or claim...

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Q. What to do if redundancies are likely?

A. To answer this question, we will assume that you have worked through your options, you have worked through the financials and you are now ready to go public with your proposals for...

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