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Q. Are zero-hours contract workers entitled to holiday pay?

A. Yes they are. It is unlawful to ask them to waive this right by signing something to say otherwise. Whilst the worker is not obliged to accept the work that you offer to them, th...

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Q. Will an Offer of Employment letter suffice as a Contract?

A. Yes - refer to Contracts - What should it contain?

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Q. What should I do if an employee doesn’t have an Employment Contract?

A. Fix this situation immediately.  Legally everyone on your payroll should have been issued with a written Statement of Employment Particulars (or a Contract of Employment) within ...

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Q. How do I stop ex-employees taking our trade secrets to a competitor?

A. We recommend you install a set of restrictive covenants in your Contracts of Employment, which will include rules for restricting their activity for a period of time after they lea...

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Q. What is the benefit of a probationary period?

A. Not as much as you might think.  In the UK we have 1 year and 51 weeks before an employee has the right to claim unfair dismissal.  It is relatively straightforward to dismiss s...

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