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Q. How do I handle an appeal against a warning or dismissal?

A. Every warning, be it verbal or written must be given the right of appeal.  It is the same for any dismissal.  Never penalise someone for bringing an appeal as they are legally e...

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Q. What steps should I follow to issue a written warning?

A. Follow our SIMPLA model: Suspend (only if Gross Misconduct is suspected) Investigate the incident Meet to discuss the evidence Pause to consider your response Let them know ...

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Q. What is the difference between misconduct and gross misconduct?

A. Misconduct is used to describe actions that are serious and unacceptable to continue. Examples of Misconduct are: Being late for work High levels of sickness absence Wasting t...

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Q. Who should deal with misconduct?

A. The Manager should deal with misconduct. The exceptions to this are: When the Manager is part of the problem When the Manager is unavailable to deal with the situation   Whe...

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