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General advice

27th December 2017

2018 Drop In Sessions

Every month we run a morning of free drop-in sessions so that business owners can access free advice with no-obligation.

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17th October 2017

Is it time for smaller businesses to move to a sustainable way of working?

Some smaller employers need help in finding creative solutions about how being more flexible could improve the engagement and morale of their teams. Flexible workers do not contribute less, and they are not less committed - in fact research data suggests quite the opposite.

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26th June 2017

Outsourcing your HR? What to look out for

It's no surprise then that many SME’s have taken to outsourcing their HR to help them with compliance and to resolve issues. One of the biggest draws can be providers offering employment tribunal indemnity insurance. With employees being much more switched on about employment rights this sounds good? Let's look a little deeper first.

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4th April 2017

Key Employment Law Amendments April 2017

This article outlines changes set by the Government such as new National Living Wage levels and compensation limits for statutory redundancy pay and unfair dismissal claims.

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29th March 2017

Difficult decision to make? Start with the end in mind

Are you contemplating or procrastinating over a big business decision? Take a look at our Article on how to approach reverse engineering your decisions and get a better quality result.

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