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Plain talking HR and employment law advice.


This is a vault of expert advice written in your language, to help with the challenges business owners regularly face.  

View our FAQs for the most common questions we get asked. We will be updating these regularly, so check back for the latest advice.

Our articles cover more in-depth opinion and advice on a wide variety of common HR and employment law challenges that we come across when we are working with businesses like yours.  

Our documents contain useful factsheets on our different services, and we are regularly adding more free resources to this area.

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Frequently asked Questions

Q. What steps should I follow to dismiss/sack someone?
A. Follow our SIMPLA model:- Suspend (only if Gross Misconduct is suspected) Investigate the incident Meet to discuss the evidence Pause to consider your response Let them know...
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Q. What if someone is claiming they are being discriminated against or bullied?
A. If your business has a separate policy for Harassment or Bullying follow this.  Otherwise, follow the normal grievance procedure. You will follow the first stages of the AIMLA m...
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Q. What can I do about frequent sickness absence?
A. Be consistent. Follow these steps: 1)      Make sure reporting Absence rules are in place (eg. staff must telephone their boss by 8am) 2)      Record sickness absence ...
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Q. How are holidays calculated for part-time staff?
A. This is dependent on how you have formulated your Contract of Employment, and how your business deals with bank holidays.  There is a useful holiday calculator tool on the Govern...
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Q. How do I deal with poor performance?
A. First, admit that it exists and commit to taking positive action.  You may wish to read our article on the Silent Underperformer. The key steps to managing poor performance are:...
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Q. What is the benefit of a probationary period?
A. Not as much as you might think.  In the UK we have 1 year and 51 weeks before an employee has the right to claim unfair dismissal.  It is relatively straightforward to dismiss s...
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