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Q. My fleet insurers say I need a drivers policy, what should this contain?


Work-related driver policies are good practice and recommended by the Health and Safety Executive as well as the Insurance Industry to promote better practices towards driver health, safety and wellbeing.

Driver policies cover a host of topics such as who the responsible senior person is for managing driving at work and risk assessments.  This is often the same person responsible for Health and Safety overall, but not in all cases.  Insurers will request that your Driver policy covers all aspects of driver safety, vehicle safety and journey planning as well as an incident procedure.

Mobile phone policies as part of driver safety are now a common requirement as well as driver vetting procedures, induction, licence checks, competency to drive and medical fitness to drive.

Using your HR system such as the breatheHR software to store and set reminders on making sure these driver checks occur annually is a really helpful tool.

Ask your insurers if they can provide you with this documentation for you to customise to fit your business - some certainly do.  Alternatively if you have retained the services of a Health and Safety consultant or service you should ask them for help.  

We can incorporate Driver Policies into your Company Handbook if Drivers are a large part of your workforce, alternatively you may prefer to keep this separately if it only applies to a small part of your team.

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