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Frequently asked questions

Q. Are zero-hours contract workers entitled to holiday pay?

A. Yes they are. It is unlawful to ask them to waive this right by signing something to say otherwise. Whilst the worker is not obliged to accept the work that you offer to them, th...

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Q. What is the minimum amount of notice I can expect for holiday requests?

A. It is down to the employer to set out the rules for how holidays should be requested. Setting out the rules in writing, in a Staff Handbook or holiday policy for example is good p...

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Q. Do I need a solicitor to put a Settlement Agreement in place?

A. The Settlement Agreement is only legally binding once it has been signed by three parties. Those parties are:- You, the employer Your departing employee, and A solicitor repr...

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Q. My fleet insurers say I need a drivers policy, what should this contain?

A. Work-related driver policies are good practice and recommended by the Health and Safety Executive as well as the Insurance Industry to promote better practices towards driver healt...

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Q. How much leave should I give to a member of staff following a bereavement?

A. There is no legal entitlement to give a member of staff paid leave during a bereavement, therefore it is at the employers discretion in terms of what to do. Having a clear Compass...

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