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TUPE, Restructuring, Acquisitions or Disposals in Lancashire

Business Savvy

What is it? This is a one-off project aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners involved with a restructure, an acquisition, a TUPE transfer or a disposal. The business may already use our Employment Savvy service and you want to add this on or you may simply need one-off project support to assist you with the HR activities associated with this level of strategic and often complex area of business change.


a)    HR Savvy assists an in-house HR Manager through a specific activity, on-site or remotely

b)    HR Savvy project manages all HR activities and provides advice and guidance on the legalities, on-site or remotely

c)    HR Savvy purely provide the legal advice and guidance and the execution is handled by the business, remote only

Why Use it? To be legally compliant with the various regulations that surround restructuring, acquisitions or disposals (TUPE regulations).

What happens if you don’t use it?  The risks of unfair or constructive dismissals will be high.  The risks that the sale or purchase fall through or that the lack of due diligence means the acquisition has brought unforeseen risks to the entrepreneur. 

Services covered:

  • Managing due diligence and consultation activities during restructures, transfers of business and business closures
  • TUPE regulations compliance
Tracy Green
Tracey Murphy
Managing Director
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"As someone who uses your services with an important client I know you are exceptional - professional, wise, caring and delightful to work are someone who makes a difference to the lives of individuals and organisations"

Lou Booth, Elementas, Preston

"We would not hesitate to recommend them, for a very small investment, you will be guaranteed a high return on your most valuable asset."

Alicia Whiley, Havwoods Accessories, Preston

"I wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend them to anyone going through a restructure as it's all too easy to unwittingly trip yourself up, upsetting the staff and creating a legal headache for yourself. A very worthwhile investment."

Nick Thompson, Blundells Hardware, Longton
01772 600228

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