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Pricing Policy

We aim to be transparent about pricing, the following information explains how our pricing works for different types of services.

What services are HR Savvy actually providing?

1.    Results/outcomes

2.    Peace of mind/confidence/reassurance

3.    Reduction of litigation risk

4.    Personal service

5.    Responsiveness/communication within hours, not days

6.    Empathy and understanding

7.    Expertise, knowledge, skill and experience

HR Projects and Employment Law Casework

Examples of HR Projects Examples of Employment Law Casework
Drafting of Employment Contracts & Handbooks Managing an investigation into a grievance, a disciplinary, a capability, a whistleblowing or a harassment claim
Managing a restructure project telephone and email advice and guidance to an internal manager regarding a grievance, a disciplinary, a capability, a whistleblowing or a harassment case and providing the written correspondence at each stage
Managing a business acquisition or disposal Liaising with external third parties such as Occupational Health, ACAS, Trade Union representatives, companions
Managing a business relocation Negotiating terms of Settlement Agreements and provision of documentation on behalf of the employer, liaison with the employee’s legal representation

We base our Pay As You Go pricing on the following 7 factors:-

1.    The numbers of workers impacted or involved in the allegations as witnesses

2.    The expertise required to handle the project (ordinary or specialist)

3.    The context and industry of the business environment

4.    Trade union or works council involvement

5.    The complexity of the existing business structure and its terms and conditions of employment

6.    The risks and likelihood of litigation risk for unfair, wrongful or constructive dismissal

7.    The estimated amount of on-site time required and location of the business

We use our experience to assess these 7 factors in order to provide you with a fixed-price option.

Alternatively you may prefer to consider:

1.    Hourly rates

2.    Fee capping

3.    The Employment Savvy Annual Support Package

4.    Bundling Employment Savvy with other services


Annual Support Packages

We provide an Annual Support Package and you can bundle this with other services if you wish.  The Employment Savvy Package gives you access to a premium service of telephone and email advice backed up with tailored correspondence to support each case or project at every crucial stage.

The Employment Savvy Package is priced based on the number of workers employed.

We provide you with a fixed-price annual payment option that is paid in 12 equal instalments.  2018 rates are available upon request, contact us for more information.


When considering price differences between HR service providers you should take into account:-

1.    The level of expertise assessing your employment risks

2.    What results or outcomes are they focussed on and do they match yours?

3.    If they are providing you with insurance against employment tribunal risk, consider how commercial their advice is likely to be.

4.    How personal is the service?  Will the adviser be able to visit you in person when it matters?

5.    Can they guarantee responsiveness in less than 4 hours when time-critical issues arise?

6.    Do they understand you, your business, your industry?

7.    Have they actually been a manager of people and walked in your shoes?

8.    You know the saying ‘if you pay peanuts you get monkeys’…does their pricing really give you that peace of mind you need when its crunch time?

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Managing Director
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