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Your staff are your most valuable asset


They meet your customers, make your products and are vital in helping you to grow your business.

Like any valuable asset, your staff will thrive when they are engaged, developed and treated well.

And if they thrive, you thrive

We bring market leading knowledge and over 20 years of experience of helping businesses of all sizes to lead great teams of people, with measurable results.


The photographs below were taken on the night of the 2017 annual BIBA Awards where we were finalists in the category of Best Use of IT.  



Our mission

To help ambitious small businesses grow into successful bigger businesses.  
We do this by sharing simple and effective knowledge about being a great employer.

Why HR savvy?

Building an excellent team of staff is an investment.

It can be time consuming and complex.

We make it all easier for you.

We help you to create effective systems and processes that free you up to put your time and attention into the right place.

...growing your business


If you would like to find out more about working with us, get in touch and let us start with a great conversation.

Tracy Green
Tracey Murphy
Managing Director
01772 600228
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"To do HR well, you have to be up to speed with compliance and HR issues. It’s a minefield. I don’t have the time to get my head round it all. That’s where HR savvy comes in.  I am left feeling valued, assured and with less pressure."

Peter Sutton, Pure Audio Visual Ltd, Preston

"As someone who uses your services with an important client I know you are exceptional - professional, wise, caring and delightful to work are someone who makes a difference to the lives of individuals and organisations"

Lou Booth, Elementas, Preston

HR savvy are quick thinking, considered and strategic in their approach.  Advice is always 100% accurate. HR is such a potential minefield, but when managed by HR savvy, it becomes something which improves employee well-being, raising standards and business awareness.

Alistaire Jama, Kennedy Ross Consulting Limited
01772 600228

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