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Outsourced HR Services in Lancashire

HR Savvy (formerly Sarah Booth HR Consultancy) merges with Grassroots HR, based in Croston, Lancashire

By joining forces our clients have access to more expertise and a wider range of services as two successful HR businesses merge under the Grassroots HR brand.  

The Grassroots team provides Compliance and Employment Law based services to business owners and Tracey (former MD of HR Savvy) provides strategic HR and business consultancy services to business owners preparing for an exit in the next 3-5 years.  

To find out more about Grassroots HR click on the button below to visit their website.

To find out more about Tracey Murphy's strategic business consultancy services, click on the button below to visit her website.

Visit Grassroots HR Visit Tracey Murphy Consultancy

"As someone who uses your services with an important client I know you are exceptional - professional, wise, caring and delightful to work are someone who makes a difference to the lives of individuals and organisations"

Lou Booth, Elementas, Preston

"To do HR well, you have to be up to speed with compliance and HR issues. It’s a minefield. I don’t have the time to get my head round it all. That’s where HR savvy comes in.  I am left feeling valued, assured and with less pressure."

Peter Sutton, Pure Audio Visual Ltd, Preston

"We have been working with Tracey since 2015. To sum it up, she’s dynamic, acts quickly and positively, she has the same ethos as me and understands our business. She is a great sounding board as a coach and she just gets it."

Richard Davies, Hattons Model Railways, Widnes

"I recognise that to employ someone in-house with that level of knowledge would be expensive. Using HR savvy allows me to run my business like a blue-chip Company, without the expensive overhead."

Peter Sutton, Pure Audio Visual, Preston
01772 600228

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